Top 3 WORST Date Ideas!

Words Of Wisdom

It’s Liam here. Let me ask you something.

Was your Dad any good with girls?

Mine wasn’t. I know a lot of guys in this industry who got little to no dating advice from their Fathers, and most of our students are in the same boat.

See, ideally he’s SUPPOSED to be a role model and teach you how to be a man. You know, take you out hunting or camping or beard…growing…if that’s a thing…something incredibly manly, and at some point sit you down to say:

“Son, here’s what you need to do in order to get ahead with the ladies”

And if he’s anything like my Dad, he’d probably chuckle to himself for his brilliant fellatio pun…

THEN, you’d want him to say something like:

“See, there’s a lot of confusion around what you’re supposed to do for the first date. Long time ago I came across this fella named James Marshall, and boy did he turn my world around. I signed up for this course…ah what was it called…that’s right, the Dating Accelerator, and it showed me all of the stupid stuff I was doin’ with the ladies, and more importantly, what I SHOULD be doin’ instead!”

(at this point he’s probably got a beer in hand, or if your Dad is a hipster, a cider)

“You ever seen one of those Hollywood movies where the guy awkwardly asks the girl out on a date, then takes her to an expensive dinner where they sit down at a fancy restaurant for 2 hours?”

“Uh-huh” you reply (eyeing his beer, secretly wishing he’d let you have some).

“Well, that’s a load of baloney son! You don’t have to impress her with some expensive dinner!”


Intrigued, you take your eyes off the beer and recognize this isn’t one of his rants about your mother’s cooking or ‘taking the system down’.

“Next, you’ve got those elaborate dates you see these guys pull off in movies, you know the ones right? They hire some air balloon to take her to a hilltop where they’ve spelled her name out in flowers in the valley below. And that’s not all! A horse-drawn carriage soon pulls up and a violinist begins playing as you ride into the valley and drink champagne as a man rows you in a boat across a lake underneath the stars!”

Part of you is simply glad to know that’s not what you have to impress girls, especially because you’re afraid of heights AND allergic to horses.

(ok so maybe not but stick with me here)

“Finally, and this one’s important son, never, EVER help out a woman pretending it’s a date. This means no lugging her furniture around, no doing her homework, no babysitting her 4 cats.”

(By this time you’re speechless and can do nothing but stare up at the stars in awe).

Then he’d belch, throw a can over his shoulder and say something like:

“Why don’t you grab your old man another beer and I’ll tell you all about what kind of dates you SHOULD be taking girls on…”

Talk about good parenting!


The One Secret That Will Change The Way You Approach Women. Forever.

Learning From The Best

We typically meet students on our workshops who think they’re competent approachers, but soon display that they have no idea what they’re doing.

And that’s really not their fault, especially if they’ve just been trying to copy what they see on our videos.

See, mimicking what someone else is doing, and knowing what it’s doing and why it works, are two different things.

This is the purpose of today’s video.

One of the concepts we teach on our workshops that is available for you to learn in the Dating Accelerator is going to completely revolutionize the way you meet women.

It’s called the ‘Pre-Frame’.

How To Start A Romantic Adventure

Put yourself in the shoes of a beautiful woman walking down the street. Think of how much attention she’s getting from those around her. Guys checking her out. Girls scowling at her outfit.

And imagine being subconsciously intimidated by all of the men around you simply because they’re physically bigger than you.

Who knows what could happen?

Now some guy walks up to you and says “Hi, I’m Michael”. He holds out his hand, expecting you to shake it, and suddenly you feel really uncomfortable.

What would you response be?

Would you try to get around him and walk away?

Would you say you have a boyfriend and leave?

Or simply just think “what the fuck does this guy want?”

Most guys who are out there approaching women aren’t actually giving the women any idea what they’re doing there, which is incredibly confusing, and not the best way to start a romantic adventure.

Girls don’t know if they’re looking for the time, directions to Starbucks, asking when the next train is coming, trying to sell them something or convert them to a new religion!

It could be ANYTHING!

Being Aware Of The Boundaries

So if you’re out approaching, you need to use a pre-frame. This is a simple statement that lets the woman know that you’re aware it’s strange that you’re approaching her. You’re acknowledging that it’s outside of the social boundaries, and giving her an explanation as to why you’re breaking those boundaries.

For example: “Hey, I can see you’re reading a book, but I just wanted to tell you I think you look great in that dress”.

You display that you are conscious of what she’s doing, that you’re interrupting her, and letting her know why you’re there.

But keep in mind:


If you go around saying this to every woman, it’s going to sound strange and convoluted, especially to women who aren’t reading books and who aren’t wearing dresses.

Check out the sneak peak for more on Pre-Frames, and remember that in order to pull this off you actually need to understand the fundamentals behind it. That’s why I’ve put together the Dating Accelerator online course, so you can understand the fundamentals of how seduction works, and combine the building blocks so you can get out there and start approaching women. Find out more about the course by clicking here.

How What You Do Today Will Change Everything

The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

I want to remind you of something which I’m sure you haven’t thought about recently.

Your own mortality.

That’s right.

You’re going to die one day.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Maybe you weren’t expecting to hear something like this from a dating coach. But it’s not all girls, glitz and glamour here at The Natural Lifestyles.

The truth is that you’re never going to have some grand defining moment that you’ll always look back on as the turning point when you finally got your dating life under control.

In reality you need to be working on your seduction skill set every. single. day.

I often talk about the trap that so many guys fall into, thinking that they don’t need to work on their dating skills and think long term about seduction because in their current circumstances things are going ‘pretty well’.

Yet our workshops and online courses are full of guys who have come out of that ‘blissfully ignorant’ daze and had to wake up to the real world.

Sometimes it’s guys who were doing really well in college. They had plenty of access to girls through parties and classes and so no need to actually try seducing a woman.

Or they were enjoying a high status job where it’s easy to get attention from women.

But guess what?

Things change.

Standing Out In The Crowd

The moment you leave college and join that team of 12 software programmers, all of whom are men, that abundance you were once enjoying will slip through your fingers.

And if you think you’re going to get a job as an Engineer where you’re surrounded by women, you’re kidding yourself.

It’s one of the most heavily male dominated industries in the world. It’s often not until it goes away that guys realize they need our help. That it wasn’t *you* who was getting the girls so much as the circumstances you were in.

The true test of how good you are with women is throwing yourself into approaches on the street, where you don’t get to rely on connections, social status or money.

In that moment all of your bad habits and insecurities will rise to the surface and make it hard for you to get beyond a basic compliment and some polite conversation.

We’ve developed an online course, the Masculine Touch Blueprint, intended to teach guys like you the fundamentals of touch and sexual escalation, because it’s by far the most needed area of improvement across the board for guys we coach. Sometimes we encounter students who can create exception emotional connections or are great at pulling the trigger, but they just can’t lay a hand on the girl to save themselves.

Because let’s be honest, where else are you going to learn those skills? Unless you had a Father around to show you the ropes, you’re basically left to figure things out on your own. Click here to learn more about the Masculine Touch Blueprint 5 week online course.

Striking A Balance

You might think that right now things are going ok, that you really don’t need to learn about touch, escalation, women’s sexuality or your own terrible mindsets that are likely lurking underneath the surface.

But what about in the future? What happens when things change?

Seduction isn’t something that can be learned by taking a magic pill. It’s going to be something you have to learn day in, day out. You might go out tomorrow and approach 10 girls, but even if all of them reject you, it’s no reason to not go out the next day and approach 10 more.

If you’re still not convinced, think about other areas of your life. Your finances, for example. I’m sure you’ve got some savings set aside for a rainy day.

What’s your go-to-plan when you wake up and realize you’ve got no potential women to date?

And your health. You probably work out regularly or at least watch what you eat.

Why is going to the gym each day any different from doing 10 approaches each day?

It’s time for you to stop viewing seduction and approaching as this mystical realm that you’re yet to be a part of, and instead make it a part of your everyday life.



Are You Adding Enough Touch To Your Approaches?

The Secret To Getting Physical On The Streets

How often are you worried about what you’re going to SAY to a woman?

This preoccupation dominates the mind of so many men who are learning seduction.

Even if you’re unimpressed by the pick-up lines and routines that spawned this whole industry, it’s likely part of you still wants to find the perfect thing to say that’s going to make approaching women a whole lot EASIER.

What if I told you you’re making things infinitely more complicated than they need to be?

The truth is that whilst you’re focusing on what you’re saying, you’re ignoring a key part of seduction that is arguably even more important than what you’re saying.

Non-Verbal Communication.

Now I’m not just talking about body language or basic eye contact here. I can recall countless students who walked into my workshops bragging about how incredible their body language was, how they can consistently maintain eye contact, and yet the moment I put them in front of a woman on the street they made all the same errors the other guys were making.

Why is this?

Because Non-Verbal Communication is so much more than just your posture or how you think you’re presenting yourself to women.

In my 5 week online course, The Masculine Touch Blueprint I demonstrate not only how to use non-verbal communication to your advantage, but the common mistakes that guys make by believing they DON’T need to learn these vital parts of seduction. Having an overinflated ideal of your ability to connect with women is like trying to leave the dock with your boat still tied up.

We have to go back before we can go forward, so if your results with women really don’t match up with how well you think you should be doing you can learn more about the Masculine Touch Blueprint by clicking here.

True mastery of Non-Verbal Communication requires a deep sense of empathy.

I’ve been talking about empathy a lot lately and will be going into depth on the subject in the Masculine Touch Blueprint, so let me throw a definition at you.

Empathy is the ability to not only put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but to walk with their feet.

Ok, so that sounds a little esoteric.

But what does it mean exactly?

We often think about empathy as considering how you would respond in a situation someone else was facing, and being able to relate to them because of this insight.

Yet it goes so much deeper than this. True empathy is about not only considering the situation the person is facing, but also all of the possible life experiences they’ve faced up until that point which shaped them into the person they are today, and therefore, their experiences.

Uncovering Empathy

Think about it.

If you approach a girl on the street and she blows you off without even giving you a chance, it’s so hard to take that rejection whilst still maintaining empathy.

And sure, maybe she’s just a bitch.

But…what if she’d already been approached 3 times that day, and was on her way to the hospital because her mother had just been in an accident?

Or what if she had met her last boyfriend on the street, yet found out he was living a double life and cheating on her?

As a seducer you need to be able to consider the range of experiences that women are having in the dating sphere and how they’re influencing her behaviour.

This enables you to have empathy because you’re left with the notion that “if I were in her situation, having been through what she had been through, I’d likely do the same”.

But the problem is that most men are so caught up in their own world, worrying about what to say, if they’re doing it right, if they’re creepy, that they cannot expand their awareness to engage with a woman in this way.

Mastering Non-Verbal Communication

As you begin to master Non-Verbal Communication, whether it’s through our live workshops or the Masculine Touch Blueprint, you’ll start to zoom out from your direct experience and instead see the bigger picture of what’s happening.

You realize that just approaching a girl and giving her a compliment can be enough to brighten her day.

You realize that somewhere in her mind she’s likely wondering what it would be like to fuck you (even before you’ve exchanged names!)

You can entertain the idea that she’s wondering if she could get away with giving you a blowjob in the bathroom even though she’s in love with her boyfriend.

All of these insights allow you to shift away from performing a ‘perfect’ seduction and instead allowing an energy to build between the two of you.

Non-Verbal Communication is all about what’s not being said, but if you’re unable to connect with the bigger picture you’re going to be purely focused on what IS being said because you’re unaware of the hidden messages. To put it another way, you’re only going to get good at seduction if you’re able to read between the lines.

If you’re confused about all of this, that’s a GOOD sign. Confusion means that you’re not getting stuck in some rigid frame of mind where you believe you have all of the answers, because that’s a fast track to concluding that you can ‘intellectualize’ your way out of this.

When the truth is that you need to go in the opposite direction towards cultivating awareness, feeling it in your body, then being able to connect with women because you understand their mindsets, beliefs and point of view.

Worried You’re A Creep? Take The Test And Find Out Today!

The Trouble With Being Creepy

In my nearly 10 years of coaching men in seduction I’ve lost count of the amount of guys that have pulled me aside and whispered to me in hushed tones:

-“Liam…I’m afraid of being creepy”.

This fear is so prevalent amongst men that I’ve developed a test for guys to assess where they land on what I call the ‘Boldness/Empathy Axis’. You can take the test today by clicking here.

The Boldness/Empathy Axis charts how readily you make a move on a woman against how much empathy you have for her.

Let’s take an example of someone who scores a 10/10 on Boldness, but a 1/10 on Empathy.

This, my friend, is your classic sexual predator.

Someone who is completely unabashed about their sexuality and advances. Someone who has no inhibitions about getting their sexual needs met in whatever way possible.

Yet they are COMPLETELY out of touch with how women respond to those advances. Whether a girl is in to it or screams in terror, they have no capacity to register the response and adjust their behaviour.

Now I doubt that you fall into that zone, but if you suspect you do, you really need to seek professional help.

What’s more likely is that you fall into another zone: The Friend Zone.

Welcome To The Friend Zone, Population: You

That’s right, that horrible place where we men hate to be yet somehow find ourselves returning to time and time again.

Guys in the Friend Zone are normally very low on the boldness axis. Maybe not a 1/10, but low enough that it’s terribly hard to motivate them to make a move unless they’ve had months or years to work up the courage to do so.

In saying that, they’re high on the Empathy axis. They are in the Friend Zone specifically because they make good friends. They’re caring, trustworthy, safe, good listeners, all of the things a girl needs in a guy friend especially if she’s having a fight with her ‘asshole’ boyfriend (who by the way is likely to be much higher on the boldness axis.)

If this is starting to sound like you, I’ve specifically designed an online course, The Masculine Touch Blueprint, to give you the mindsets and skills you need to get out of the Friend Zone and start presenting yourself to women with an equal level of boldness and empathy. Over 5 weeks I’ll be teaching you how to take more risks by touching women but also balancing it with awareness so that you’re attractive, not creepy. Click here to learn more about this exclusive course.

Next Stop: The Ideal Guy Zone

It’s entirely possible that you don’t fall at either of these extreme ends of the spectrum. Maybe you’re not a sexual predator, but not a total nice guy either.

I doubt that you’re truly satisfied with the women that you’re currently dating though…

So where does that leave you?

Are you supposed to just keep trying to figure this stuff out by yourself?

Do you believe it will just come to you naturally one day?

Or are you curious to learn how you can start getting better results with women?

Because I’m sure there are some women that you still feel are out of reach. It’s likely because you’re competing with other men who score higher not only on the boldness axis, but also on the empathy axis.

I suggest you take the Boldness/Empathy test because you might find you land somewhere around the boyfriend material area, when you really want to be in the Ideal Guy zone.

What does this mean exactly?

It means that you’re the kind of guy who can pull off things that most men couldn’t.

Get that hot waitresses’ phone number even though everyone in the restaurant can hear you asking her out.

Being at a club, spotting a woman on the dance floor and within minutes be fingering her in the bathrooms.

Approach a girl on the street and have her back at your place within the same day.

All of these things not only require boldness, but an acute sense of empathy that goes above and beyond what most men can offer.


Why Nice Guys Are Actually Really Manipulative

Believing You Know What’s Best For Women

I’ve got some bad news.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you’re trying to play the ‘good listener’ for a girl you’re interested in, offering her a shoulder to cry on because her boyfriend is an asshole, you’re actually manipulating her.

Yes, that’s right. You’re up there with the other assholes who want to take advantage of women, although up until now your methods have been disguised so nobody suspects a thing.

I bet you’re not too happy to read that…

See part of being a nice guy is deceiving yourself into believing that you’re offering women what they really want. It’s almost an arrogance, because you think that you know what she truly needs better than she does.

SHE thinks she wants to be dating Todd, that asshole who’s cheated on her twice, ignores her texts, and frankly treats her like shit.

But YOU think she needs a guy more like you.

Someone who really listens.

Someone who really cares.

Someone who sees her for who she TRULY is, not just a hot chick.


…who are you to decide what she wants and needs?

A Man Who Can Take The Lead

Can you see how this who nice guy facade is starting to break down?

You’re deciding for her that she just needs a guy who she can share all of her problems with, hoping that one day she’ll realize you’ve been there for her all along, fall madly in love with you, and gleefully spread her legs every day and night for you.

In our online course, The Masculine Touch Blueprint, we go over these terrible beliefs with a fine tooth comb. If you ever want to experience genuine connections with women, the intimacy that you’re really longing for, you need to understand how the way you think about women and sex is causing you to take on these manipulative behaviours.

The truth is that women do really want a man who can listen to them.

But that’s only 1 piece of the puzzle.

They also want a man who can take the lead.

A man who has something to offer them, whether that’s financial security, fun crazy adventures, connections through social status, or wild kinky sex.

Perhaps most importantly of all, they want a man who can generate a wide range of feelings.

A Full Range Of Emotions

If you’re the nice guy listener who will always be there for her when she needs you, she knows that she can trust you.

But if there is too much trust and safety, it denies her other feelings.

The fear of losing you to another woman.

A desire to win your approval and respect.

The fulfillment that comes along with having something to offer such an impressive man.

It’s like comparing a merry-go-round to a roller-coaster. One is safe, easy and predictable, whilst one is risky, daring and exciting. Sure, sometimes you want to jump on the merry-go-round and chill out, but eventually it’s going to get boring, and you’ll want some more excitement in life.

So far I’ve been telling you the ‘what’ and ‘why’, but now I really want to tell you the ‘HOW’. Exactly HOW you can get rid of these nice guy habits, HOW to stop projecting your negative mindsets and beliefs onto women, and HOW to start getting the intimate connections with women you desire deep down (even if you don’t admit it to yourself!).

The Masculine Touch Blueprint will tell you HOW to do all of these things, and more. We’ll be spending 5 weeks together rewiring your nice guy habits and turning you into a man who is bold, brave and able to connect with the women he really wants to. Click here to learn more about the course.


Do You Do Favours For Women Hoping It Will Get You Laid?

A One Way Ticket To The Friend Zone

One of the biggest misconceptions nice guys have about women is that they need to do favours for women in order to be liked.

This is an express one-way ticket to the Friendzone.

And if I’m going to be honest with you, even after being a dating coach for all of these years, even after sleeping with hundreds of women, and living a lifestyle most men would kill to have, deep down I’m STILL a nice guy.

I know. Sucks, doesn’t it?

Racking Up Points

Turns out it’s really, REALLY hard to rewire the internal instinct I have to do favours for women, and perhaps if you’ve been learning more about your nice guy ways this is something you can relate to.

Before I learned about seduction I automatically assumed that I was earning points with women I wanted to date by doing nice things for them. Letting them copy my homework, helping them to move house, being a shoulder to cry on when they had a fight with their boyfriend.

In my mind, all of these acts were little marks on a tally I was keeping inside my head, points I was collecting that I could one day cash out on for some of that sweet, sweet pussy.

But as it turns out I was just digging myself further and further into the friend zone. Continuously reminding her that I was the guy she could come to when she needed help.

Just not the guy she could come to for a night of hot sex.

I delve into further detail about my journey out of the friendzone and the fundamental lessons I learned that can help you do the same in my online course, The Masculine Touch Blueprint.

Either you’re going to learn the right way to create intimacy and connection, or continuing playing out the same nice guy habits like doing favours for women.

Part of the reason I still do this today is because it’s so tempting to want to exchange acts of service like this hoping I’ll get sex in return. It’s so much easier to default to that mode instead of doing what I know works, which is holding onto my power instead of giving it away to women.

Now that might sound like an esoteric concept. Holding onto power.

What it means is that you’re not operating under the belief that you need to be something more than you are in order to get sex. That you’re not carrying around this self image which says “I’m fundamentally flawed and so I have to make up for it by doing all of these things for women which will then make them believe I’m lovable.”

Becoming Unobtainable

I actually went through a period of 6 or so months where I truly believed I could be a nice guy again. That I’d done my time working hard at seduction, keeping my distance from women and making them chase me, so now I could finally relax and return to the easier way of doing things.

It’s no surprise that it was a total catastrophe.

Reason being that women want to experience the excitement and uncertainty of dating a guy who is almost unobtainable. They don’t want to wake up every day to constant supply of attention, love and affection from you. They don’t want to know you’ll always be there no matter what. They don’t want to date a guy who would put up with the worst behaviour imaginable yet still be there at the end of the day.

They want to feel that you’re a man they can respect. That you have something to offer them if they work for it. That you can serve as a source of inspiration for them to become a better person by not giving in to their shitty behaviour.

Because a nice guy will put up with anything from women, and then double up on his efforts to please her.

Whereas a man who is in his power won’t put up with shitty behaviour. He’ll set the boundary, and make it clear that he’ll walk away if she crosses it.

And that drives women wild.

If that sounds like something you want to learn more about I’d advise you check out the [Masculine Touch Blueprint] in which I cover how to set up appropriate boundaries with women, not to mention a whole lot more. You can check out this jam-packed 5 week course by clicking here.


Hitch: The Worst Dating Movie Ever?

Cheesy Hollywood Glory

For most guys, answering the most commonly asked question, “What do you do?”, is fairly simple.

I’m an accountant.

I’m an engineer.

I’m a software programmer.

As a dating coach, however, it can be rather painful. How does one explain this job without immediately being lumped in with old school Pick-Up Artists who use corny lines and routines, or being written off a sleazy scumbag who brings out the worst in men?

I’m yet to find the solution, but bad Hollywood movies about dating don’t make it easier.

The most common response I hear when I mention I’m a dating coach is:

“Oh, like that movie Hitch…”

Well…not exactly. I’m not anything like Hitch.

At least, I think. I mean, it’s been 10 years since I watched it, so maybe it’s an amazing spectacle of pristine dating advice….

…it’s not likely.

To get an insight I sat down with Liam McRae to roast Hitch, in all of its cheesy Hollywood glory.

And I’m sad to say it didn’t really stack up when it comes to authentic dating advice.

A Big Steaming Pile Of Hollywood $#@&

In fact, the whole ‘dating coach’ theme is just a thin veneer on a steaming pile of Hollywood romantic comedy nonsense.

Now admittedly there is some common sense throughout the movie which aligns with what we’ve told students in the past.

But within the first 5 minutes we’ve already seen a nerdy guy, who has hired Hitch to teach him the ropes, pulling some classic ’nice guy’ tactics by rescuing a girl’s poodle.

And of course, since it’s Hollywood, she happily goes on a date with the guy.


The reason this kind of thing gets on my nerves is because it’s actually doing more harm than good to all of the men out there.

Watching movies like this reaffirms the key belief so many men are clinging onto like a lifesaver that they’re going to meet ‘the one’ eventually and fall madly in love with her. That there is one ‘special girl’ out there for them. And that the way to her heart is to be a nice guy. A friendly, generous white knight who will defend her against the assholes and sexual deviants of the world.

This is one of the huge dating myths we debunk (whilst offering a healthy alternative) in our online course, the Masculine Touch Blueprint.

You simply won’t find a better opportunity to learn how to avoid falling into the pitfalls of bad dating advice offered up by Hitch and other Hollywood movies. We’ll be taking you through 5 weeks of transformative course material which will revolutionize the way you view yourself, female sexuality, and teach you everything you need to know about integrating intimate touch into your interactions with women. You can learn more about the course by clicking here.

What Real Dating Is Like

If you’re able to admit to yourself that you’re still buying into these fantasies that have been hyped up by Hollywood for decades, it’s definitely a good idea to sit down and watch today’s video rather than sitting down to a movie on Netflix.

You’ll actually hear us break down key moment in the movie and why it’s not an accurate reflection of real dating.

Hopefully, you’ll recognize that meeting women doesn’t have to be some convoluted act where you impress her with theatrics.

That there’s actually a way to learn how to express yourself to women in an authentic way that will get you closer towards getting the deep connections with women you’ve always wanted.


How To Touch Women. The Right Way

What’s Really Holding You Back With Women

What’s the one thing that’s preventing you from experiencing intimate connections with women?

Is it not having enough money?

Or status?

Or muscles?

Or could it be that you’ve been raised to do the exact opposite of what you should be doing on a date with a woman?

See, what you’re actually supposed to be doing is touching women, and often. As long as you have a woman’s consent, you should be putting your arm around her, touching her lower back, playing with her fingers underneath the table at dinner.

But instead if you’re like most men you fumble your way through a date knowing that you SHOULD touch a woman, but with no idea as to HOW to touch her.

I’ve specifically designed my online course, the Masculine Touch Blueprint, to be a practical guide to touching women. Rather than spending hours on end delving into evolutionary psychology or gender studies theory, I get straight into giving you the nuts and bolts of how you should be touching women on dates.

Putting Yourself In Her Shoes

If you’re having trouble understanding how to touch, put yourself in the woman’s shoes for a moment.

She’s spending all of this time getting dressed up, doing her hair and make-up to make sure she looks great for you. She’s invested in at least getting to know you and finding out if there is a future between you two.

But most importantly, she’s showing up hoping it goes well.

And part of things going well means being touched by you.

Knowing that you can not only have a conversation with her and make her laugh, but also connect with her in a non-verbal way.

Because this is going to tell her how confident you are, how comfortable you are in your body, and also how capable you’ll be in the bedroom.

The Ideal Date

No woman wants to walk away from the date thinking “well I guess he was nice, but he didn’t touch me at all…”

And in a similar fashion, she doesn’t want to be thinking “god he wouldn’t stop touching me, it’s like he doesn’t even know what he’s doing so he just forces himself to do it!”.

She’d love to be able to call her girlfriends and say “I met this guy and…well…I don’t know how to describe it, but when he put his hands on me there was this…heat…this…electricity between us.”

That feeling that she can’t describe is why touch is so important. It circumvents the logical rational part of the brain and goes straight to the heart. It connects to something deeper, something more primal and instinctual.

We all need to be touched as people. You as a man need to be touched.

But if you’re unable to touch a woman and work towards building an intimate connection, you’re going to be denied that touch, and hoping that she does all of the work.

And even if she does initiate and touch you a lot, chances are you’re still going to be uncomfortable with it, and eventually she’ll get sick of doing all of the work and move on to a man who knows what he’s doing.

So if you want to learn how to touch a woman properly, the masculine way, be sure to check out the Masculine Touch Blueprint by clicking here.

How Masturbation Is Destroying Your Sex Life

The Masturbation Drug

When was the last time you jerked off?

Unless the answer is “I don’t remember”, you’re probably doing it too much.

Masturbation is many ways is like a drug.

Done in healthy amounts, it can be a good way to relax, release some tension and get in touch with your body. In the same way that you wouldn’t fault someone for having a beer or two on a Friday night, or a glass of wine with dinner, if you do it now and again it’s no big deal.

But in today’s world it can so easily become a compulsion. When you start to do it several times a day and lose hours scrolling through porn websites, exploring your deepest and darkest fantasies all in the safety of your bedroom, it’s a clear sign you’re developing an addiction.

And it makes sense, because in many ways it delivers the same kind of high that comes along with getting drunk, smoking a few joints or indulging in hard drugs like cocaine or ecstasy.

Sadly most men aren’t even aware of their addiction, and if they are, they’re ashamed to admit it.

Because what they’re really admitting to is that, for whatever reason, they’re unable to get regular sex, and in most western cultures that says something about your worth as a man.

So let me ask you right now…

Are you addicted to masturbating?

The Plague Of Porn Addiction

Just admitting that to yourself can be such a powerful step in the right direction.

Even if you didn’t have access to internet pornography when you were a teenager, it’s likely you were still living in a home where masturbation was frowned upon, or not even discussed at all. There’s likely a shame trigger buried deep inside your psyche that goes off whenever you masturbate, because as soon as you discovered it growing up you had to hide it away from the world.

When I was growing up I didn’t have access to internet porn. My only experience with porn was finding a DVD which I only watched 5 or so times before my parents eventually found it and took it away. Otherwise I was left to my own devices, which meant masturbating in the shower, often with someone banging on the door telling me to hurry up.

Whether you were under the watchful eye of your parents and afraid of getting caught masturbating, or a frequent consumer of porn as a teenager, these are the fundamental years of development where we start to shape our sexual habits.

The two most common challenges men face in the bedroom are premature ejaculation and the inability to get hard and stay hard.

Premature ejaculation is often a result of training your body, whether it’s through porn or jerking off under a time limit, to expel the sexual energy from your body as quickly as possible.

Whereas the inability to get hard mostly originates with the anxiety that was so frequent during our early sexual experiences. The idea that we were doing something ‘wrong’ or ‘disgusting’, and the shame we feel as a result. We don’t WANT to be doing something bad, but our body has a completely different agenda, and sometimes it overwrites the other part of us which wants to have measured experiences.

As soon as you find yourself in a situation where you’re about to have sex with a girl, this earlier training to both finish quickly and associate sexual experiences with negativity and shame kicks in. Instead of being able to naturally enjoy the experience, to revel in the sensations of your body, you want to escape the anxiety as quickly as possible.

In my online course, the Masculine Touch Blueprint this is something I’ll be covering in detail because I know how hard it can be to confront these issues. Before I met James Marshall and Shae Matthews and began my journey of discovering my own sexuality and the sexuality of women, I was plagued by these problems.

I’ve cut through all of the noise about what works and what doesn’t, testing things on my own and work-shopping them with the other coaches here at TNL to deliver the best way for you to start being able to focus your sexuality, allowing you to control it instead of it controlling you. If this problem has frustrated you your whole life you can start the journey of a making a change by clicking here where you can find out more about the Masculine Touch Blueprint.

Masturbation or Monkhood?

One of the most powerful steps I took to stop finishing so quickly in the bedroom was to stop masturbating entirely.

Now before you press that back button in a rage, hear me out!

I’m not saying you have to stop masturbating for the rest of your life. You don’t have to become a monk and relocate to a monastery in the Appalachians.

But this is about experimentation. Because if you’re reading this I’m guessing that right now you’re not exactly getting a lot of action in the bedroom.

Part of the reason is that each time you masturbate, you’re draining your body of your masculine essence.

Fueling The Beast

I truly believe that every man has within him a raging masculine wolf-man beast that is connected to the sexual life force, that is proud of that energy, not ashamed of it, who wants to share it with women.

That beast is fueled by your cum, and you’re wasting it!

When I stopped masturbating and ejaculating I noticed some very visceral changes in my body after only a week. I became more energized, my heart race increased, my breathing changed, and most importantly, I became more focused on sex.

My desire to approach women was boosted because the sexual energy that was building up inside of me was, by nature, designed to be shared with women.

Even when we coached students on workshops, we strictly forbid masturbating during the time they’re with us because we want them to be eager and hungry, to have that sexual energy oozing out of every pore of their body when they walk up to a woman they’re attracted to.

Give it a go, and if you find that it helps you to stop masturbating and start exploring ways to share this sexual energy with the world, make sure you leave a comment on today’s video.