Sasha Daygame’s Worst Sex Fail – 5 Principles Preview

Sexually appealing women are simply irresistible. Unfortunately, some men are clueless as to how to level up the erotic interest on women they fancy. Masters of the universe should see how they can appear to be better objects of desire and keep up on the art of seduction.

A Woman’s Perspective on Sensual Massage – Interview with Jess Jules and Shae Matthews

Shae and Jess sit down to discuss the importance of touch! Sensual touch and massage is one of the most important tools a seducer has!

Sensual Massage Secrets – James Marshall and Shae Matthews on Touch, Massage and Seduction

James and his old friend and colleague Shae Matthews discuss how their massage therapist background led them to where they are, distinguish how self-identification affects how you approach people, and explain the importance of touch as a natural communication tool.