How To Approach When Everyone’s Watching You (Video)

It’s hard enough approaching a girl walking down the street. But I was feeling so tense walking across the open pool area, all these people sitting there with nothing to do but to gossip. I meditated to calm myself, took a breath and walked over.

The secret to being cool and calm? Simple: breathe! It’s crazy that a natural thing you’ve been doing since birth can unlock the secrets to your social power. Learning meditation is useful forever. You’re always gonna breathe. And awkward moments are a part of life. Learn to handle them.

Meditation was the first thing James Marshall taught me, and learning this simple effective technique transformed how relaxed I feel in social situations. She told me they came on this holiday and didn’t even go party the previous night. So of course I invited them out.

This comes from a mindset: girls on holiday WANT TO GET LAID. They don’t travel for architecture. They travel for fun, boys, parties, flirting, seduction. I consider it my DUTY to fuck backpackers. I’m giving them the experience they want. Notice when we have the staring competition: That moment of eye contact is TENSE. But it tells her a lot about what kind of man I am. It shows I can handle pressure. And that I’ll be a good lover. The killer combination of James Marshall intent and my Hell fire eyes. One of the first things we teach guys on our residential programs is how to look someone in the eye and project a powerful intent. The Third Seduction Principle is Pressure/Release: holding strong eye contact is a basic requirement.

I’m not saying you should stare into every women eyes like this. But you need to have the ability to when the situation calls for it. Ask yourself, if it really came to it…when you’re standing there right in front of the girl of your dreams: Would you have what it takes to stare deeply into her eyes, feeling your masculine energy flowing into the pool of her feminine energy?

Most modern men cannot do this. For the first two decades of my life, I couldn’t. But I made it my mission to be able to stand in that pressure, tension and awkwardness. This is a simple but vital life skill.

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How to get your Ex Girlfriend back (VIDEO)

This is simply exploiting the loneliness of vulnerable people and is advising devastatingly bad advice from a presupposition of a scarcity of options and assumption that the dead relationship is worth saving. The absolute truth almost without exception is that it NEVER works when couples get back together after a serious breakup (as opposed to a fight where someone sleeps on a couch or at their mothers).

The ultimate advice on how to get your ex girlfriend back is, to never try to get your ex back. It’s called a breakup for a reason, it was broken.

Everyone (including the author) ignores this sage advice sometimes and very often couples will chew up years on again off again, with starkly diminishing returns as the makeup sex and nostalgia fades, to be replaced by bitter disappointment, denial and fatalism.

Here are the top 7 brutal and liberating lessons about breakups

1. Dragging out the end ruins the rest

The end of a relationship is the worst part, so dragging it out and going through the breakup cycle multiple times is the major reason (along with miscommunicated relationship goals early on) for people to become cynical about relationships in general and carry baggage into the next one. You will rapidly destroy the love and empathy for each other as well as spoil the overall experience as the end takes emotional precedence.

2. Women break up better than men

In general a woman coming out of a relationship will process her emotions faster and deeper than a man. She’ll cry, have a tantrum, get drunk or whatever does it for her and have a catharsis and then move on. (Occasionally she’ll become a stalking psycho but as you start to choose more level headed emotionally mature women this will happen less). She is also much more likely to buy a new dress, go out with her friends and fuck a few guys to get over it. Men will often close themselves off with a few friends and commiserate over hard liquor apathetically swipe through tinder, being flaked on by dumpy suburban girls, sending needy texts to his ex hoping she’ll take him back.

It’s vital that you learn seduction skills and mindsets, not to become the ultimate pick up artist but so that whenever you need to be skillfully single you can be. The best thing you can do after a break up is go out and date new women. Even if it’s fumbling and contrived at first, you need to have regular sexual expression, fun experiences and search for new direction in life.

3. Don’t try to replace your ex

You are not trying to find a replacement to your ex, someone as “good as her”. You’ll just end up pining for her if you approach every date as a failed audition for girlfriend, with an idealized vision of your ex as the benchmark. You should take this time to explore more easy going less intense flings with girls that may not be your wife material but are fun, kind, sexual, exciting.

This very quickly becomes new energy and drive leading to untold abundance of sexual choice and dating fun.

Being actively single becomes the ideal time to work on yourself, process the mistakes of the last relationship and work on evolving yourself so that when you again meet someone truly compatible you’ll be ready for them.

On the reverse side, the worst thing you could do is jump into a serious relationship with the first or second girl you fuck because you can’t stand the uncertainty of single life, thereby downgrading to an even less fulfilling partnership based off a sloppy rebound.

4. Break ups are liberating and loving

At some point in your life the most caring and compassionate thing to do is leave somebody, or to accept and embrace when they do. Realizing that it is the act of being still together that is holding you both back from a better life experience can be incredibly difficult to accept. To not to take it as personal rejection and blame yourself or her for the inevitable is important. The price of staying in months longer than you should is not just the misery of it but the lost opportunities that passed you by while you were clinging to a redundant relationship.

5. Be clear that it’s over

Being clear about the ending is in alignment with the philosophy of being Natural, honest and direct. You must not only be direct on your opener but through out the whole relationship and especially at the end. A common way men use to breakup is to just become a shit boyfriend, avoid conflict and admitting his decision until she gets fed up and dumps him. By trying to be gentle he ends up causing both of you more pain and conflict. Often this soils the ending leaving bitterness between the couple.

6. Cut contact

You cannot be her counselor or vice versa after a breakup. If you stay in contact regularly you will fight, say horrible shit you regret, have soppy nostalgic chats, or get stuck in weary discussions about culpability and emotions, god help me. You’ll also probably back in bed together and start the whole mess again.

Keep distance until you’d both be happy to be in the same room as each other and your new partner and feel fine about it. That’s usually 6 months to never.

7. Over doesn’t mean failure

Rather than seeing the end as a failure and desperately trying to resuscitate it, see the end for what it is and allow the desires and unexplored paths that had been bubbling under the surface express into reality. This isn’t a failed attempt to find the one but a time in your life with somebody you cared for that has changed and needs to be left behind so that you can both continue to grow, explore and prepare for the next one. This means you will be able to leave each other with relatively little heartache and then quite likely become friends later, continuing the direct and honest communication you always (or mostly) had.

Ignore this all at your peril gentlemen, you have been warned. And when you come back after dragging out some god awful breakup, or trying to get a girlfriend pathetically after she’s moved on, while missing heaps of pussy and fun then I’ll just tell you the same thing. Next time you’ll hopefully limit the drama to a couple of weeks.

Stay strong,


Sex Tips: Liam and James Epic Seduction Fail

Women will give men all kinds of subtle but clear seduction signals that they are interested and would like the man to take things further, but men will often ignore these or miss them completely. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  1. The guy is too scared of rejection to make a move. He is terrified about what will happen if he tries and fails so he waits and waits for the ‘perfect moment’ which will never arrive
  2. He is clueless about the signals that the woman is sending and actually has no idea that she wants sex. This often comes from naïve or misinformed ideas about female sexuality. Social lies we are told like “girls don’t really like sex, they just trade it for relationships, money, jewelry, shoes”.
  3. Guys with these mindsets will often assume that a woman wont want to have sex with him ‘too early’ and therefore he will put off making a move on her until date 3 or 4, by which point she is confused by his lack of sexuality and turned off by his shyness
  4. He is scared that it will actually go ahead and he won’t know what to do or get stage fright. He might not be able to perform, might go soft from the pressure, or ejaculate too quickly.

The good news is, we’ve all made those seduction mistakes. In the video me and James talk about all those moments we failed to pull the trigger and take that risk, and the sex that we passed up as a result of that.

The number one thing that you can do to avoid this scenario in future is to develop yourself into the kind of guy that just goes for it. The guy that pulls the trigger and tries to sexually escalate, and is comfortable being rejected. If you make this a habit, it becomes easier and easier every time, and women will actually respect you more for it.

Women respect a guy who has the balls to make a move, and the respect to stop when she sets a clear boundary. It’s a winning combination because it shows a strong masculine quality and ability to own your sexual intent without shame or shyness, but also a sensitivity and care for how you’re making her feel and the experience you’re giving her.

Don’t try to become a PUA, try to become someone who takes sexual risks while respecting women in the process. This is the best sex tip of all, because you have 100% control on how many times you pull the trigger in the next month! Make it a habit and you’ll get rejected more, but also get laid more, and never have to deal with the feeling of regret. You’ll know that you at least gave the seduction your best shot.

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3 Sex Tips on Being the Animalistic Lover

Well the sex tips explained here are about the type of bedroom archetypes that nice guys shy away from. The Animalistic Lover. Letting go fully, a dominant mentality, and very direct language are core foundations for becoming such an intense form of lover.

1. To tap into the animalistic drive within yourself, you must be willing to let go fully.

It requires that you tap into your desire to really fuck your woman. Now you say “I do that every time we have sex”. Really? So, you’re telling me that you have ripped your woman’s clothes off right after stepping in the door? You fuck her so hard and came in her mouth afterwards? You stuck your fingers down her mouth as you were fucking her from behind? Stop and think have you done this? Even if you haven’t, start now. The next time you are horny and you are with your woman, just let go. Push her up against the wall roughly. Grab her by the hair and spank her ass while you still have your clothes on. Fully take her. Make her orgasm over and over. She’ll love you for it.

2. Dominance is the intention.

The sex tips in mainstream media rarely talk about this because it’s too much to handle, but women love to be fucked hard and in a dominant manner often. Dominance is taking on the mentality that she is yours, and you’re responsible for leading everything in the bedroom. It’s a mentality though. “Your mine” is your intent behind dominance. Your eyes show it. How you handle her will show it. She will love you more for doing this as well. Let her know through the way to look at her and handle her, that she’s yours.

3. Be very direct in how you speak to her.

The way you speak should match your dominant mentality. Try being dominant and saying, “You’re pretty”, “You’re so cute”. Won’t work. The language should be something like, “You’re mine”, “You’re fucking sexy”, “I love fucking you”. See the difference. Speaking in an explicit and sexy way will be such a turn on because it matches the mood and she feels more like she’s under your control. Tell her. Command her. Be the animal of desire to take your woman in the way you speak.

Start fucking your women men. Let them know just how much you really desire to be inside of her. I understand why women want it, because it’s the way they fantasize about it. Hopefully these sex tips will help all of you be that beast in the bed. Until next time…..

Tony Solo

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Don’t act like her boyfriend if you don’t want to get a girlfriend (Video)

A lot of guys I coach often ask me:

“Why is it when I sleep with a girl she always wants to be my girlfriend soon after?”
“Why do all women just want a relationship as soon as they start sleeping with a guy?”
“How do I encourage a girl to start an open relationship with me?”
“How do I make sure it stays casual?”

Have you asked yourself this? Does this sound familiar?

I’ve realised through my interactions with clients that these are common mindsets. We need to address this and look at why men believe this and what can they do to readjust their mindsets. From what I have witnessed with many guys I coach, more often than not it’s that their own behaviour mimics that of a boyfriend (not a casual lover) therefore confuses the woman that they want a relationship. It’s important to define the relationship and the role you play in her life from the very beginning.

Men, you are creating more problems for yourself and shaping women into roles they don’t want to play. If you don’t want to get a girlfriend then don’t act like her boyfriend! Firstly, lets address this misconception and start by readjusting your beliefs and mindsets into something more positive and truthful.

Change your mindset

Your first mistake is the mindset that all women want relationships. Let go of this dated and incorrect assumption. Realise that women want a range of different relationships, depending on their age, mood time in their life- endless factors. A woman may be looking for a casual fling one month, then meet a guy a year later and desire a relationship with him. There are endless women longing to be seduced by that dashing lover or to have a wild summer fling; be that man that can offer her that experience.

Don’t screen for women looking for relationships

If you find yourself “dodging” being a boyfriend, then you need to know now its because you’re screening for and attracting women who want you to be her boyfriend. Without realising it, you may be unconsciously screening for behaviours and mindsets you don’t want. Starting casual relationship with a lover, but having the negative mindset that “she must want to be my girlfriend” is a really negative way to begin the relationship. Create the role and archetype as her casual lover internally from the very beginning.

Be clear and talk about it

There’s no need to call out your relationship status in the beginning. Being overly honest can be inappropriate. But once its clear you guys are seeing each other for some time, it will be important to discuss where you’re at. If she asks, or if you want to state it, be clear that you see your relationship with her as casual. Saying things like “I really like spending time with you. I’m not looking for an exclusive relationship, but I really enjoy what we have” can help. Ignoring it or lying is not going to help you.

Don’t behave like a boyfriend

How many times have I heard a guy say “I don’t know why my casual lover seems to want to make it more serious” and then I find out he is texting her 4 times a day and spending time with her 3-4 nights a week. Just like a boyfriend. Don’t ACT like her boyfriend if you don’t want to get a girlfriend!! It’s confusing for a woman and misleading.
Lovers and flings behave very differently than men in relationships.
Your behaviour communicates what you want, so start reframing your mindsets and behaviours to that of the casual fling or lover in her life.

Here’s some common “boyfriend” behaviours a guy may exhibit:
-Texting too often (every day is too much!)
-Involving the girl in part of his social circle too often
-Planning for the future
-Dirty weekends away vs Spending 24hrs straight at your place.

Yes, have sexy weekends away with each other every now and then.

However snuggling & videos at each others house every weekend is falling into relationship territory- don’t do anything in a routine.

-Let a girl know separate time is both your own business– you don’t have to explain your whereabouts- it’s not ok to ask or check up on each other.
-Indulging in emotional roleplays that you can’t follow through with. It’s unfair and misleading for the woman.
-When you part ways from each other- don’t start planning for the next time you see each other (like you do in a relationship) simply say “See you soon.”

Play the dashing lover

Internalise this role. Start experimenting with this lifestyle. How is this different that a man in a relationship?
A lover is in a woman’s life irregularly. He’s the guy who she has a wild time with one weekend, but then they don’t see each other all week. He is not in constant contact with her and they don’t know every detail of each other’s lives. He is more likely to send dirty texts than sweet emotionally comforting ones.

Start experimenting with the roles you play in women’s lives and start internalising them so they become part of you. Consistency is vital.
Get into the mindset of playing the dashing lover or the summer fling. Explore these roles and the behaviours and lifestyles associated with them. Taking on these roles allows you to be more honest with yourself and with the women in your life. Your behaviour will be communicating what you really want and be thus in alignment with your mindsets. This way you will begin to screen for and thus seduce women with similar mindsets who are looking for the same type of casual relationships that you are.

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9 Ways To Screw Up A Date (Video)

Here are 9 common ways guys mess up a chance to get laid after a date:

1. The Awkward Invitation. Making a big deal out of asking the girl to come in creates unnecessary tension. This is the moment where you don’t want to make her uncomfortable.

2. The Messy Kitchen: Your house being disgusting is a sure way to turn her off. The guy that doesn’t tidy up before a date is mentally preparing for failure or ruining the mood when she gets home.

3. The Awkward Conversation: Forcing a long drawn out conversation is a reaction guys often fall into when they are nervous of unsure about how to make a move. The longer you remain physically distant and dredging for small talk, the less she wants to be there.

4. The Cockblocking Friend: This can take many forms, the annoying/polite/unaware friends, hers or yours. The worst of course being a male friend (showing her the dubstep remix of two girls one cup), who is competing with you for the girls attention in a lose / lose game. The guy that doesn’t take the lead and handle logistical problems will find his sure thing turning into an epic sex fail.

5. The Disgusting Bathroom: James Marshall: “A girl once told me that she went to a guys house, saw the shit stains smeared on the toilet bowl, and then decided not to fuck him.” Men love bad boys but they hate dirt, shit, pubic hairs, napkins for toilet paper and no towels above floor level.

6. The Man Cave: Laziness and ill preparation under the guise of manly self expression will guarantee to have your date swatting your tit hand away and making her excuses. Remember the golden wisdom of seduction: men have sex to relax, women have sex when relaxed and if the harsh lighting, jizzy odor and bad playlist stress her out, she won’t want to fuck you.

7. The Ruined Moment: A women will often set up a scenario where it’s easy for the guy to kiss her but many men miss the signals or are too cowardly to act. She doesn’t want you to ask or check.

8. The Creepy Kiss Attempt: Well after the ruined moment, trying to kiss her when she’s lost interest and then reacting badly makes an easy justification to her to block your facebook and ignore your texts.

9. The Bitter Nice Guy: Becoming frustrated at her initial rejection, without taking the feedback will not only turn her off on the date but also to ruin any chances to see her again.

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The 3 Things You Think Get Sex, But DON’T (Video)

Here are 3 classic things guys to in the vain hope that it will somehow get sex in some roundabout way:

1. Drinking with their friends

Alcohol is such a multi-layered liquid in the seduction world. For starters, it gives you a false sense of confidence. Secondly, I gives you an escape from the brutal truth that you’re not getting laid as much as you would like to be. It also gives you an excuse to be out and about in social venues talking to girls. It actually numbs your social skills and means that you’re not really progressing or dealing with your anxiety, just putting off facing it till a later date.

2. Cars/houses

Society has been telling you since you were born that a cool car is a powerful status symbol. That it will somehow manifest you sex. Maybe a girl will see you getting into it and then suddenly approach you. Maybe she will even see the photo on your Facebook and send you a message. Very unlikely. Cars are not only poor seduction props, they are actually massive financial black holes. The amount of money you have to spend buying and maintaining them would be much better invested in something else. $40,000 could get a car that instantly depreciates to $32,000 or less. $40,000 could allow you to live in a cool eastern European city for a year or two comfortably.

3. Focusing on your caree/“Developing yourself” without actually approaching women

Many guys will convince themselves that if they work hard enough to reach a senior position in their firm, get the status and prestige and power, and the company car, that suddenly women will begin to flock to them. This is not the case, and the worst part about this dael is that when guys have worked so hard for this “watch, suit, car house = women” fantasy, and they arrive to realize it was all bullshit, it makes them even more bitter and resentful of women, as if women told them this. Parallel versions of this include “I’ll approach women when I’ve found inner peace through meditation”, “When I have more muscles” “If I just become and interesting person girls will see that.”I ABOSOLUTLEY endorse pursing your passions, trying out new hobbies, mastering an artistic or physical craft, whether that’s music, art, meditation, bodybuilding, sport, entrepreneurship. BUT none of these things are an excuse NOT to start approaching women TODAY. Every day you spend not approaching women is a day you are missing out on being closer to the woman of your dreams.

Stop making excuses, distracting yourself and come and train with us to learn the real skill that will make you happier than any beer: the ability to seduce women and find love.

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Learning Seduction is not Optional (Video)

Unless you were born into wealth, or find mentors and methods to understand how to make your resources work for you, develop positive mindsets and know the difference between investments and liabilities, you are likely to be a wage slave forever. I’ll be dealing with this topic in depth another time.

The second is social skills and seduction. The ability to connect emotionally, understand human behavior and particularly how to release and consistently generate attraction with women is the defining skill that leads to either a rich sex & relationship life or long periods of enforced celibacy and loneliness.

Many men who have come into the seduction sphere treat this as a hobby, or a topic of interest. As if, getting good at this is optional and if they choose not to commit to mastering approaching women outside their social circles that they will somehow end up finding “the one” anyway. Wake up. Most people settle for relationships that are based on scarcity. They date directly within their social and work/study circles. The reality is that you will be choosing from a pool of around 3- 15 women. What is the chance that you’ll find a sexy girl who is truly compatible with you from that? Even if she drifts into your orbit, without the understanding of female sexual psychology and abilities to trigger it you won’t get her anyway and will spend years in the friend zone.

Who you decide to spend long periods with and later who you marry and have children with are literally the most important decisions of your life. Choosing the wrong person, or conducting a relationship from a weak, needy position will lead to divorce, losing most of your assets, fucking your kids up and wasting your peak years.

And yet, most people don’t make these decisions at all. They fall into relationships because that is the best they can find and simply let fate decide. If you have been dabbling in seduction, consuming theory from the sidelines, or occasionally chatting to women, now is the time to wake up and realize that this is a survival skill you must learn and time is running out.

Most men I know who became really good at this, made it a priority for a couple of years, or sought out mentors to speed up the process. By good, I don’t mean any particular number of lovers, or becoming a PUA god – I mean being able to get exactly the type of women you want into the relationship you want. That for me is the definition of seductive success. Take an honest look at your life and if you know deep down you can’t do that, it’s time to commit.


If you’d like to master this life skill this year and take advantage of all the messy trial and error I went through, join me on one of the residential workshops I’m leading in 2015. The first few are sold out but there are still places on our 7 day residential in Barcelona: 29th June – 5th July. Full details HERE.

PUA vs. Being Natural

The transformation you go through as a man internally is much more meaningful and fruitful than just seducing women. So that only leaves you with what option? Yes, you’re right. You. Your natural self is the most attractive thing to a woman. Men in the normal world, hide their flaws, their opinions and their sexuality.

PUA’s present a stylized and compensatory front, Natural seducers bare all. There is this amazing saying I heard somewhere that goes “Women are attracted to your rough spots”. This means exactly that what is most attractive about you is both what is loved by many and not accepted by many. Let’s take a further look into why being natural is more challenging than memorizing lines but your best route to attracting the most desirable women who love you for you.
The most appealing parts that you can show a woman are the parts that most people don’t see. Not your cock you nasty fuckers (although later you will), but the raw aspects that really define your character. Here’s 2 examples of recent dates I had where my honesty led to polar results.

Example 1. Acceptance: I met a woman in the nightclub and she said, “What is your favorite movie?” Now, my favorite at the time was Frozen. I had a choice in that moment to guess what I thought she wanted to hear to make me appear alpha or to just give the Disney truth. Of course I took the truth. And something beautiful happened. She said “Oh my god I love that movie. I love Olaf”. And we both hugged and kissed. Now, I’m an open-relationship with this woman and we have watched Frozen numerous times together.

Example 2. Non- Acceptance: I was on a date with an L’ Oreal makeup artist and she was a very classy woman. Well dressed and wanted chivalry from me the whole night. As we are on the date she says, “Now, tell me some words to describe you?” So, as I’m saying words I say, “I’m sexual” and say a few more. I end she goes “Why would say your sexual on the first date with someone? It’s a bit awkward.” I said, “Well, I’m just being honest”. Guessing her reply to me saying that, you know where the date ended up. We never spoke again after that day.

So, I had the choice in both instances to give a part that I thought was more PUAish or what I thought she wanted to hear, or just plainly give her the truth of who I am. Both women reacted strongly to my truth. The first became more attracted the second was completely turned off. Those are the responses you want. To have the majority of women you talk to like you is not your aim. No seducer is 100% or anywhere close to that, nor should they be trying to be. If 90% of women you talk to like you (in a generic way), you’re not showing them exactly who you are. Show exactly who you are, your true desire without apology. Then, watch how the tide turns.

pua vs being natural

PUA’s follow what they’re “supposed to do” based on rigid external ideas while Naturals follow their truth, desire and integrity. Put a PUA in a club and he will try to seduce the hottest women in the room. He will be so attached to his image of getting that hot girl that he will diminish his integrity, put him in his head and as a result he’s unlikely to get her. Put a Natural in the club and he will seduce the women who he best matches up with. The hottest girl in the club is not the pinnacle woman. She is just another woman who still needs to be qualified and engaged with on a deep level, to see if you’re right for each other. The Natural may still approach her; walk up to her with presence, integrity, and truth and speak to her. He will be qualifying her to see if she’s a cool girl and worthy to see again, just like he does to all women. If so, great. If not, he will simply move on. Men get so caught up on achieving that super-hot girl in the club that they forget about what is amazing for the soul. Of course allow your instant attraction to lead you to whoever you want but operate the same way as if you would with a woman who is cute.
I hope this clears up the mindset difference between being Natural and being a “PUA”.

The pursuit of beauty solely to boost your ego will in the long run be a hollow journey and ironically you’ll get much hotter, incredible women by first becoming clear of what real standards are important to you. So, start now. Be completely natural by showing women who you are exactly, vulnerabilities, quirks and all. You can either build a mask and armor based on a false Pick Up Artist identity or act through your exact and natural self, while continuing to develop yourself into the ideal man you wish to be. The choice is yours. Until next, my fellow seducers.

Tony Solo

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Seduction in Seconds – How to pickup girls in less than 2 minutes

If the answer is yes, you are missing golden opportunities to possibly meet the girl of your dreams and allowing yourself to make bullshit excuses.

In this video I show you some examples of when I had less than 2 minutes with a girl but still managed to get her number. Ideally I like to spend 5 – 15 minutes with a girl I approach cold, because that gives me enough time to connect, qualify, flirt and settle into a relaxed energy with her, so we have a feel for each other’s vibe and know enough about each other to further arouse curiosity.

However when that isn’t logistically possible, by condensing my general seduction strategy I can still hit enough major emotional points to get a solid number. Keep in mind that your first impression, when done well holds immense power and that alone can be enough for a girl to think “Why not?” Liam and I were discussing this the other day and going through our personal histories could think of dozens of times when we had met girls that later became lovers in these super short timeframes.

A couple of points to note from the video:

  • I observe her pace, is she walking fast, does she seem in a hurry?
  • I ask her straight away what she is doing, to quickly gauge how much time I have
  • Even though I don’t have much time, I don’t rush and talk fast. I keep the interaction calm and smooth even though it has to be short.
  • I let her know my intentions straight away (no time for indirect seduction nonsense) and at least try to find out one interesting thing about her, so I can do a micro qualification to show her I’m not just interested in her looks.
  • I try to be the one to end the interaction, so I’m not left mid sentence on the street alone

Try this out next time you see a cute girl waiting for her tram/bus/limo, it can actually be really good training for operating under pressure and becoming more succinct and tight with your game. Also, creepy as it sounds with a constant turnover of people, you could set up camp at a busy station and run the same process all day…



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