I can’t find your pricing anywhere. How much do your workshops cost?

It’s understandable that not knowing the pricing is frustrating, however we intentionally leave them off the website as a greater part of the philosophy behind our workshops and the coaching you’re undertaking. Workshops with The Natural Lifestyles aren’t short weekend bootcamps where you bounce around a bar pumping your state or learn some canned daygame openers. We endeavour to take you well beyond the ‘learning to approach’ phase, giving you a deeper understanding of how seduction works and also an insight into your gifts as a man and what your next steps in life are. As a result our workshops are typically a large financial investment for most men, but that investment is in your future dating life and evolution as a man. The women you will meet over the next 4-5 years, the experiences you’ll have as you grow and develop, as well as your long term plans for marriage, family or creating a harem if you wish to do so.

Additionally, we keep a very low coach to student ratio of 1:2. As a result our workshops are very close and personal, making it critical that all clients go through the application process to create a positive coaching environment for both students and the TNL team. You will learn more about workshop costs if your initial application is accepted.

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